Process of Evaluation

Referral Initial Consultation → Review of Prior Testing → Scheduling → Measures Completed by Parents/Others → Written Report → Coordination of Education and Treatment Planning → Locating an Appropriate School or Treatment Program


  1. Referral: Clients or referring professionals can contact Dr. Brown directly via email or phone
  2. Initial Consultation: A 30 to 45 minute (free) initial consultation with potential clients to help clarify the type of evaluation needed and provide information for further evaluations or consultations.
  3. Review of Prior Testing: If previous testing of any type has been completed, Dr. Brown reviews these in advance of the initial consultation. This can be sent to Dr. Brown via fax, email, or regular mail.
  4. Scheduling: ;When you decide to pursue an evaluation, a release of information, consent for treatment, and financial agreement will be sent to you via email or fax. They are also available on the website under “Fees and Forms”. The evaluation is comprised of the following components that will need to be arranged:
  • 1.5 to 2 hour session with all parents or primary caregivers to collect detailed information about development and functioning over time and the course of the current difficulties.
  • Interviews with individuals about the client’s functioning in various settings, particularly at school or during academic instruction. This may be teachers, tutors, therapists, or extended family.
  • A face to face testing session with the client, conducted in a setting where the individual is the most comfortable and relaxed. The duration of the testing session(s) can range from 3 to 8 hours depending on the measures used and the individual tempo of the client.
    • Testing sessions are not scheduled after the client has completed a day of school or work. This may require testing to occur during a school break, holiday, or on a weekend. In the event a student must miss school for the testing session, Dr. Brown will provide needed documentation.
  • 2 hour feedback session with all parents or primary caregivers to review the evaluation results and recommendations.
  • A feedback session with the client (both children and young adults) about “how their brain works” and how they can tap their many strengths to overcome existing challenges or frustrations. The session is strengths-based and focused on bolstering self-esteem, confidence, and providing a rationale for recommended supports or treatment. If the client is participating in therapy, typically the feedback session is conducted with the therapist and the client (at the therapist’s office).

5. Measures to be completed by parents and/or others: An important part of the evaluation process is for parents and potentially other key persons in the client’s life (such as teachers or tutors) to complete measures. These measures can be completed on paper or the computer and will be provided in a manner that is most convenient for the respondent.

6.Written Report: A written report will be provided that describes results and detailed recommendations. 

7. Coordination of Education and Treatment Planning: Dr. Brown will ensure that you have the resources to implement the recommendations generated from the evaluation. This may be communicating with existing schools or treatment providers or facilitating referral to services that are more commensurate with recommendations. Dr. Brown’s goal is to educate you about precisely what academic instruction, treatment, and all recommendations should “look like” so that you are able to identify the resources that are consistent with recommendations.

8.Locating an Appropriate School or Treatment Program: If it is determined that the you need assistance to identify an appropriate school, which may be a day school or boarding school, or a residential treatment program, Dr. Brown may refer you to an educational consultant.

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